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the face shop the solution mask (7 kinds)

the face shop the solution mask (7 kinds)
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The Face Shop

THE SOLUTION Mask Sheet 20g - 1pc



1. Hydrating Face Mask (Moisturizing Care)
The moisture-charged, super-hydrating serum with Hyaluronic Acid replenishes dry skin with droplets of moisture.

- Effect: Helps dry, thirsty skin lock in moisture.
- Feature: Contains Hyaluronic Acid & Light-as-Air Sheet

2. Moisturizing Face Mask (Moisturizing Care)
The moisturizing serum with Ceramides helps replenish the skin moisture barrier to relieve dry, rough skin and keep it soft and smooth.

- Effect: Provides a moisturizing solution to dry, rough skin.
- Feature: Contains Ceramides & Light-as-Air Sheet

3. Brightening Face Mask (Brightening Care)
The super moisturizing essence containing Pearl Extracts and Niacinamide brightens a dull complexion and helps maintain a clean, flawless look.

- Effect: Provides a brightening solution to dull skin.
- Feature: Contains Pearl Extracts and Niacinamide & Light-as-Air Sheet

4. Firming Face Mask (Wrinkle Care)
The essence containing Collagen and wrinkle-reducing Adenosine restores firmness and resilience to sagging skin.

- Effect: Provides a resilience solution to saggy skin.
- Feature: Contains Collagen and Adenosine & Light-as-Air Sheet

5. Nourishing Face Mask (Wrinkle Care)
The essence containing Propolos and wrinkle-reducing Adenosine provides tired, sluggish skin with rich nourishment and restores its vitality.

- Effect: Provides a nourishing solution to exhausted skin.
- Feature: Contains Propolos and Adenosine & Light-as-Air Sheet

6. Soothing Face Mask (Soothes Skin)
The essence containing Made cassoside derived from centella asiatica helps effectively soothe sensitive skin exposed to the elements.

- Effect: Provides a soothing solution to sensitive skin.
- Feature: Contains Madecassoside & Light-as-Air Sheet

7. Pore Care Face Mask (Pore Care)
The essence containing Tannins (a naturally occurring polyphenol) reduces shine and the appearance of visible pores.

- Effect: Helps reduce shine and provides a pore care solution to oily skin.
- Feature: Contains Tannins & Light-as-Air Sheet

How to Use

1. Wash face and apply toner.

2. Remove sheet from package and remove film on one side of sheet.

3. Apply evenly and firmly to face.

4. Remove sheet after 10 to 20 minutes and gently pat to promote absorption of remaining essence.

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