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ahc ultimate real eye cream for face

ahc ultimate real eye cream for face
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Helps improve the signs of aging around the eyes
Provides fast absorption by applying ultra-fine micro-treatment method (1/300 size of pore)
Collagen and antioxidants help protect the skin.
Use also on laugh lines, neck and forehead wrinkles


Anti-aging eye cream for face with quick absorbency and temperature sensitive polymer technology
Whitening · Wrinkle improvement dual functional cosmetics
Human-like collagen (water-soluble collagen) replenishes skin elasticity,
AHC Exclusive antioxidant component Bioxicose In addition, 
it strengthens the skin with more powerful ingredients.


1. Eye Treatment
After cleansing in the morning and evening take the appropriate amount of Ultimate Real Eye Cream for Face and gently apply it by gently tapping on the eye area.

2. Facial Treatment

After cleansing in the morning and evening, in the last step of skin care take the Ultimate Real Eye Cream For Face thoroughly and apply it over entire face.

Tips for using

1. Soothing care
Apply it well enough to soothe sensitive and dry skin, then rub gently to absorb.

 2. Blending Synergy Care
If you mix 1 ~ 2 drops of AHC ampoule, you can keep your skin feeling more nutritious.
3. Night Care
Before you fall asleep, spreading the product thick and sleeping will help to make your skin healthier and smoother.

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