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primera apline berry watery cream

primera apline berry watery cream
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 - Alpine Berry spout extract and aloe vera leaf extract cream, and an abundant

    supply of moisture to the skin, the papaya fruit extract containing vitamin C, 

    carotenoids keratin ingredients give the skin vitality. 

 - Alpine Berry is a plant that boasts a strong vitality tuiwooneun buds in a cold

   and barren environment. sprout extract is obtained by an abundant supply of

   water full of vitality shine in Alpine Berry gives cultivate and moist skin.

 - Aloe vera leaf extract helps excellent water supply capacity enough to be used

   in ancient folk medicine to maintain healthy skin, before the 16th century BC.

 - shows that papaya fruit extract containing antioxidant vitamin C, carotenoids

   keraton cultivated ingredients to the skin always lively. 

 - Water protection

 - Animation grant

 - Volume : 50ml

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