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primera facial mild peeling

primera facial mild peeling
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  • Brand: primera
  • Product Code: PRI0001
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Product Description

TypePeel-Off Mask
Skin TypeAll Skin Types
Country/Region of ManufactureKorea, Republic of
ModelFacial Mild Peeling

This mild peeling product sticks to and smoothly removes surface impurities and old, dead skin cells, resulting in a soft skin texture.
  • It is a peeling product that improves your skin texture and tone through smooth removal of dead skin cells.
  • It sticks to surface impurities and old, dead skin cells to gently sweep them away.

  • It removes dead skin cells to make the skin’s surface smooth, resulting in a soft skin texture.
  • After the removal of dead skin cells, biopolymer film forms a supple barrier to protect the skin.
Wash and dry your face. Pump the product once or twice and apply evenly to the entire face, except around the eyes and lips.
Massage for about 30 seconds using your fingers. After old, dead skin cells smoothly come off, wash your face to remove impurities.
Using the product once or twice a week is recommended, but use it as frequently as necessary depending on your skin condition.
Product colors may vary due to the colors of natural fragrance oil in the product.
However fragrance and function are same.


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