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nature republic aqua max moisture 3 set

nature republic aqua max moisture 3 set
  • $75.00

NATURE REPUBLIC Super Aqua Max Watery Skin Care Special Set 

Component item
Super Aqua Max Moisture Toner 150ml
Super Aqua Max Moisture Emulsion 150ml
Super Aqua Max Comfort Moisturizing Cream 80ml

A gift article.
Super Aqua Max Moisture Toner 20ml
Super Aqua Max Moisture Emulsion 20ml
-Super Aqua Max Moisture Essence 5ml

'Super Aqua Max' Skin Care Line
Super Aqua Max Line is an aqua moisturizing line that supplies moisturizing moisture and freshness to 33 marine elements of the Hawaiian kona, which is rich in minerals in the deep sea.

Super Aqua Max Moisture Toner

Toner with Fresh Movement
Moisture toner, which adds fresh moisture, is quickly transferred to the skin to provide a refreshing, moisturizing sensation like oasis and to help develop a clean, glossy skin.

Product manual
After cleansing, apply right amount onto cotton pad and gently absorb from inside to outside of skin.

Super Aqua Max Moisture Emulsion

fresh moisture emulsion
Fluid-type emulsion, which adds fresh moisture, provides abundant moisture and nutrition to the skin, helping to balance the skin's oil and moisture, and improve the skin's healthy and glossy texture.

Product manual
Apply a suitable amount to the entire face and gently absorb it.

The combination Max Aqua Moisturizer.

The Aqua Shabet network system helps protect the skin from the outside environment by forming a moisture protection barrier on the skin, and the natural origin moisturizing factor, hyaruronic acid, keeps the skin moisturized by maintaining the moisture content of the complex skin.

Product manual
- At the end of basic care, take an appropriate amount and apply it over your face for absorption.

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