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missha vita c + pad

missha vita c + pad
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  • Brand: missha
  • Product Code: MIS0037
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A clearing pad that cleans the dead skin cells of the sebum and holds the texture of rough skin.
It is recommended to use it as a substitute for water cleansing in a busy morning.
It contains vitamin C of 99% purity from the UK.
Contains collagen, ceramide and panthenol to protect the skin and keep the skin moisturized.
It contains a mild ingredient on the skin and can be used gently on sensitive skin.

How To Use

After face wash, gently wipe the entire face except the eyes with an embossing surface in the direction of the skin texture.
Turn the pad upside down and wipe it with a soft surface in the direction of the texture of the skin.
After use, close the lid and seal to prevent the pad from drying out.

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