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jm solution avocado nourishing in oil mask (buy 10 + 1)

jm solution avocado nourishing in oil mask (buy 10 + 1)
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  • Avocado nourishing in oil mask makes a moisture holding barrier for the long lasting hydrated skin. It sticks to your skin very softly with thinner sheet than normal sheets to keep moisture.

  • It holds watery oil for the exhausted skin to provide the refreshing and calming effect. Moistful oil barrier for a water-full elastic complexion. 

  • Size per mask sheet : 28ml, Oil Ampule 5ml, Essence 23ml.

  • Step 1 : Fold over the bottom oil pouch as shown in the picture and push up until it pops.
  • Step 2 : For the synergy effect for oil ampoule and essence, rub gently in a circular motion to mix the essence.
  • Step 3 : Apply a sheet mask onto your face and remove the mask after 10-20 minutes later. Pat the remaining essence.

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