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3ce multi eye color palette - beach muse

3ce multi eye color palette - beach muse
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3CE Multi Eye Color Palette 8.2g / #Beach Muse

Beach Muse : A pink and peach eyeshadow palette for both warm and cool skin undertones!

From matte bases to glamorous glitter, deep contouring, and statement shades; these nine colors

complete a single palette to help you create a truly romantic and lovely eye makeup look.

Silky Smooth Soft Matte Textures

Fine particles from mineral powder contribute to soft texture that stays fresh,

is highly blendable, and lays down clear and even color payoff.

A Harmonious Blend Of Colors

This tone-on-tone palette boasts a harmonious combo of colors, 

adding more depth to your eyes with each layer.

Fresh And Clear Color Payoff

The powder-based formula cultivates flawless makeup with clear color payoff

without getting cakey mo matter how many layers you wear on your eyes.

Pure, Translucent Color Payoff

Without any typical stuffiness that comes from powder, this eyeshadow imparts translucent

and buildable color, leaving your eyes looking fresh and clear.

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