laneige cream skin

laneige cream skin
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Product Description

Target AreaFace
Skin TypeAll Skin Types
Size150 ml
Country/Region of ManufactureKorea, Republic of
ModelCream Skin Refiner
A hydrating skin refiner that combines cream with toner to fill the skin
with ample moisture at the very first step of skincare routine.
* LANEIGE's original Cream Blending Technology has been applied to melt a cream
into a toner in pursuit of developing a hydrating skin refiner
that makes the skin well-moisturized at the very first step of skincare routine.
* It contains White Leaf Tea Water rich in amino acids
that reinforce the skin barrier to make extremely dry and sensitive skin become healthier.
* The mild formula up of hydrating ingredients helps to keep a healthy skin condition.
* During your morning and evening skincare routines,
take an adequate amount on your palm and gently spread all over the face.
Dab the skin to help the product fully absorb as of you're filling the skin with moisture.
* If your skin is not in a good condition or feels extremely dry, re-apply once again for a better result.

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