banila co clean it zero original (180ml)

banila co clean it zero original (180ml)
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  • Brand: Banila co
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-     Sherbet cleanser which removes even the heaviest waterproof makeup with mild  cleansing ingredients and naturally derived hydrating oils

-     Zero dryness after cleansing - moisture retaining percentage increased 5.9%

-     Soft, sherbet-like formula provides a quick and easy all-in-one step  cleansing without irritating the skin

-     Pre-skincare benefits - clears debris, tightens pores, rehydrates and  softens fatigued skin 


-          180ml

How to use:

1.       Give the face a gentle massage by rolling the sherbet-like formula  using circular motions onto the skin

2.       Massaging motions promote better absorption of the active ingredients  into the skin and removal of makeup and       impurities

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