amore pacific [vb solutions super collagen] (drinking collagen)

amore pacific [vb solutions super collagen] (drinking collagen)
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AMORE PACIFIC VB Solutions Super Collagen 

▶ Manufacturer : Pacific Pharm

▶ Country of origin : Republic of Korea

▶ Volume : 25 ml x 30 ampules

▶ Expiration date: Expiration date marked

▶ Condition description : Without a dedicated box it will be shipped only ampoules.

▶ Brand description
VB SOLUTION is amorepacific's functional beauty food brand.
The science of beauty, smart beauty nutrition.
VB SOLUTION is created by the amorepacific beauty food research center to realize optimal beauty.
It offers energetic beauty with the scientific interpretation of healthy vitality based on natural ingredients.

▶ Product Description
Massage care for moist balance, please find beauty vitally and moistly with low molecular collagen ampoule.
Skin Solution? 
Fresh 3000mg of fish collagen and lactic-acid fermented extract are included in this collagen ample, 
so it fills from deep inside your skin and let you have moist, pinky-volume and lively skin.
3000mg of fish collagen included.
Lactic-acid fermented extract is included.  Collagen Ample
Please care your body with beauty berry everyday.
Intake method: middle school students/high school students (1 ampoule), adults (1 ampoule)
Please shake 1ea ampoule for drink per day.

▶ Recommended to: 
the person who wants to supplement collagen/who wants healthy
and moist skin all day/who has skin dryness and many dead skin cells after cleansing

▶ Ingredients

Fish Collagen peptid(collagen peptid, citric acid)(India), purified water, xylitol, yogurt flavor(combined congener, grain alcohol), Lactic-acid fermented extract powder(starch(KOREA), Lactic-acid fermented extract(yeast extract9KOREA))), Trisodium Citrate, Lemon Flavor(Natural Flavoring Substances), gold mixture concentrate, Enzymatically Modified Stevia Glucosyl Stevia, acerola extract powder, hyaluronic acid(dextrin, hyaluronic acid), elastin peptide.

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